Bohemian Killing game trailer released (VIDEO)

I’m not a huge gamer, but I’ve never encountered a courtroom drama game. I understand that it doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but the idea of being on trial in a game is bizarre. The makers of Bohemian Killing have set their game in the late 19th century and say that it’s a steampunk Paris setting. It looks more like a Third French Republic era setting (Victorian era for the British among you).

According to the developers, you enter the game just as your character – Alfred Ethon – is committing a murder. From then on you take control of Alfred and the investigation to determine whether you’re acquitted or sent to the guillotine. Each decision you make will affect the outcome of the rest of the game. “Bohemian Killing is an adventure game which steps out of linear storytelling typical of its genre. The game adapts to the player’s choices. Each lie can change the verdict for the better or for the worse,” says Marcin Makaj, creator of the game and owner of The Moonwalls.

Alfred is voiced by French voice actor Stephane Cornicard who’s credits include Saving Private Ryan, Spectre as well as well known games such as Syphon Filter, Primal and Metal Gear Solid.bohemian_killing_screenshot1

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