Steampunk Journal visits Whitby Goth Weekend April 2016

The April visit to the Goth Weekend held in the North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby was only a short one. I could only get there for the day and even then for a few hours. So we spent that time wandering through the throngs of people  – although there was notably less than last time I went when I debuted my Steampunk Freddy outfit – before making our way to the Spa.

The place was busier there and I got to chat to some lovely folk. They noted that trade wise it was a lot quieter this year and that made me wonder whether the event was cycling back to it’s grass roots of music and entertainment. One stall I looked at was Propcorn. The owners are Jafet and Jessica and they’re from Barcelona. They had travelled here just for the Whitby event. They make all manner of steampunk themed masks and jewellery from steampunk goggles to plague masks. There was also some film based items such as a leather Sauron mask from Lord of the Rings and an exact duplicate of the gold coin seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Next we wandered to the lower level of the Spa. I considered having a chat with Doctor Geof but as ever he was surrounded by people and was deep in discussion. If you’re unfamiliar with the works of Doctor Geof, I urge you to peruse his work. He’s an exceptional artists and also famous for being one of the inventors of Tea Duelling. In the lower level there was a wider range of stalls and it seemed to be well laid out as always. There were some splendid soaps shaped like skulls and some excellent clothing options. If you’re interested in hand-made jewellery, it would be worth taking a look at Sammi’s Trinkets. Sammi makes necklaces and earrings from wire that she crafts herself. In fact she was making one as we chatted. We also bumped into Sarah from Amy’s Emporium (Amy is their gorgeous dog). Sarah and her husband Darren are our friends – Darren always supports the Journal on social media – and they’re regular faces on the steampunk markets. She was selling her wares of steampunk canes, rifles, jewellery and curios.

20160424_145055One of my favourite stalls was one that I’d not seen before. It was the artwork of Jillian Riley and consisted of vintage apothecary and laboratory bottles/vials that had been coated in a mold which was then used to make new bottles out of ceramic. Because of the molding process is so precise, the embossed lettering of the bottles comes through on the final pot. Therefore Jillian will paint a design on the reverse side as she needs a smooth surface. Her pièce de résistance was a large bottle of poison with black wax dribbling down, black flowers adorning the neck and a small crow atop the cork. It was a splendid display of artistic ability and I recommend you take a look at her website for more information.

You can visit any websites of the stalls I mentioned here by clicking on the brown text in the article.


5 thoughts on “Steampunk Journal visits Whitby Goth Weekend April 2016

  1. It’s a shame that you didn’t make it to the Rifle Club and Steampunk central opposite the leisure centre over the weekend. It is a dedicated area with steampunk specific stalls during the day and steampunk entertainment in the evening, plus the cheapest beer in Whitby!

      1. What an unfortunate point of view. Interestingly, many there are many goths who have now become steampunk as they’ve gotten older. I spoke to several when I photographed Leeds Steampunk Market. They weren’t asked to leave or made to feel unwelcome.

      2. Wow Ian, well done on inclusivity there. If goths appear at the likes of the Asylum in Lincoln, we would invite with open arms.
        I would add as a personal note that we won’t be attending Whitby this year as traders in the rifle club specifically because of this small minded attitude of a small (very vocal) number of the goth community. Do you think the businesses in Whitby would like it to return to a couple of hundred goths wandering around listening to second rate bands (because the organisers wouldn’t be able to secure top bands on the reduction in numbers)?
        And while I’m at it, who are the REAL goths? I still listen to the Sisters, Bauhaus, fields of the Nephilim, the Mission, et al does that bar me from the club just because I might wear some colour in my clothing (you’ll notice I didn’t say costume there because it isn’t a costume)?

  2. Hello nottrikk
    You will be pleased to know that myself and dozens of other goths won’t be going anymore as steampunk totally dominate closely followed by cosplay…. We are now in negotiations to try and hold a new weekend.
    You can now call it Whitby Steampunk weekend along with your February date…My My, three weekends you have. Sounds a bit greedy to me.
    A real goth is a person who lives the lifestyle 24/7 and wears alternative clothing, not just at weekends like steampunks do.
    As for Lincoln I live there at Bailgate, and August sees your Asylum festival. I stepped outside my front door and within a few mins I hear whof the hell invitem the goths….UNBELIEVABLE…I quickly turned on these steampunks told them I live here/dress like this all the time/ and remind them what’s happened to whitby goth weekend or should I say whitby steampunk weekend.

    Sorry about the rant but you lot have killed the festival for us.


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