Steampunk Cold Brew Machine gains interest at Coffee Festival

You may recall back on March 14th, I wrote about a complex looking coffee machine made by Professor Harris. It’s a Cold Brew contraption designed with pipes and gauges in order to make the extremely simple process of Cold Brew coffee making look more difficult. He took his inspiration from such artists as Rube Goldberg and Heath Robinson.

Recently Professor Harris has contacted me again and updated me on some wonderful news that I simply had to share:

In his electronic telegram to me, he said: “I took it to the 4 day London Coffee festival where it got rave reviews and crowds of people taking pics (check out the hashtag #steampunkcoffeemachine on twitter and instagram). It was voted ‘most innovative product’ at the entire festival which is strange for something made from the past.”

That’s not the end of the good news, because he also informed me that he managed to raise £275 for WaterAid by selling shots of Cold Brew and he was interviewed by BBC Worldwide! Not only that but he’s managed to sell the machine to a gorgeous coffee shop in Covent Garden called The Black Penny. If you’re ever in Londinium, make sure you go and take a look.

The other good news is that the good Professor has already created a second Cold Brew machine and has sent me a picture of it which you can see here.

Well done, Professor!

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