Rally call for donations from Historical Documentation website

The Public Domain Review is a fascinating website and I like to share some articles from there on Steampunk Journal. They’ve recently asked for help in increasing their numbers of donatees to support their crucial work of documenting the past and keeping it available for future generations.

They are a non-profit organisation that relies on reader donations and drives like this are essential to their survival. Last Summer they started an initiative called “Friends of The Public Domain Review”. It’s a club of supporters who give an annual donation which is the bread and butter funding of the project. So far they have just over 550 friends (and climbing) but would like to get to 750 friends by June 7th, 2016.

You can donate as much as you want, but pledging $30 a year will get you a biannual postcard set of 8 illustrations set around a specific theme (the set due next is “Hair” and will be sent to anyone joining before June 7th). Should you be able to spare $60 a year, you will qualify for:

  • An exclusive set of postcards sent out twice a year, each set curated around a different theme (mentioned above)
  • Honoured in a special section of the site (name and optional link to a webpage)
  • Honoured on a dedicated page in all PDR Press publications — (next book due out end of June 2016).
  • First refusal in all future limited edition PDR Press creations
  • Special end of year letter from the Editor

If you don’t want to give an annual donation but still wish to help, that’s entirely up to you and the PDR accept one off donations to show your support. However, the benefits above are only for Friends of the Public Domain Review scheme.

For more information, to make a donation or to sign up, follow this link to the PDR website for more information: Support the Public Domain Review


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