Kickstarter launches for steampunk fighting comic

victorian_bareknuckle_league_coverI’ve recently been sharing correspondence with Carl Jackson. He’s a comic book enthusiast who is having a crack at getting into the comic publishing game. He’s devised his first story and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it published. He needs to raise £4,500 by the end of June/start of July.

The story revolves around a young lady called Millicent Figg. Upon witnessing the murder of her lover at a bareknuckle fight, she decides to exact her revenge and delves in to the deepest recesses of Victorian London. She’s aided in her quest by a steampunk bionic armed Detective Van Der Brouck as Figg battles her way to the top. The name – Victorian Bareknuckle League sounds like what a steampunk would call Fight Club, but the plot reflects a beat ’em up computer game. In fact Carl, the creator, describes it as “a steampunk version of Streetfighter”.

The artist creating the images is Jake Bilbao who has previously worked on the Wolverine comics for Marvel and Carl has insisted on the images being hand coloured by Pika.

victorian_bareknuckle_league_millicent_figg_red_dollThe Kickstarter page has the first six pages available and doesn’t wait to throw you into the action with the protagonist’s lover having his throat cut in the first few minutes. It looks to be a great story and I do hope it gets to target. There’s also a mysterious assassin by the name of Harvester who sports a wonderful plague mask.

If you’d like to get involved, you can visit the Kickstarter page here: Victorian Bareknuckle League Kickstarter page

You can Like the Facebook page here: Victorian Bareknuckle League Facebook page

Or follow it on Twitter: Victorian Bareknuckle League on Twitter

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