Steampunk event entertainer seeks help

IMG_8475In June I visited Morecambe for the A Splendid Day Out weekend. It was a wonderful event and you can read about it by following this link: A Splendid Day Out event review.

One of the entertainers we saw there was Freyja the Fairy who performed regularly throughout the weekend with fire dances just outside the Platform. As well as dancing with fire, she had one of the most elaborate outfits with a working clockwork key in her back. Put those two together and add into it that she’s generally a lovely person and part of our community. Recently she posted on her Facebook page that the window of her small shop on Bond Street in Blackpool has been smashed. This isn’t the first time this has happened and seems to be a regular occurence on the street.

Freyja is obviously very upset and disheartened that anyone would want to target small, local businesses. The ramifications, she says, will include additional expenditure from her to replace the window and it will push the premiums up on her insurance.

In order to try and solve the problem and deter would-be vandals in the future, Freyja wants to install CCTV to the shop and has created a Crowdfunding page to attempt to raise the funds.

I think as someone who brings us steampunks pleasure through her performances, the least we can do is shell out some cash to help her protect the business she works so hard for.

You can get to the Crowdfund page here: CCTV to protect the Fairy Shop

Please help as much as you can.

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