Professor Elemental reworks I’m British

Professor Elemental – the well spoken lyricist and dapper young gent around town – has released a remix of one of his most popular tracks and it’s splendid! Well… it’s not “Splendid” splendid, because that’s another song by the same name, it’s splendid in the way that it’s fantastic!

I’m British is a vintage music backed rap about the history of Britain and what makes us so brilliant, unique and eccentric. Now after the notorious EU Referendum where Britain risked committing political and economic suicide (not that I have a strong opinion on it or anything), the good Professor has written new lyrics to best fit his song so that it reflects this new era we’re living in.

Charitable action

What’s more, all proceeds for the song are going to the charity Refugee Action, which helps refugees integrate into Britain. We can then help them rebuild their lives. It’s a sterling idea and as of writing, sales of the single have raised over £500 for the charity. Britain First and Nigel Farage enraged everyone so much, they got a mention in the song. This means that they are directly helping refugees. Everyone at Steampunk Journal would like to personally extend our gratitude for doing that.

Why not download a copy of the song, which you can do by clicking on this link: Buy the song here

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