Steam Squad comes to PC/Mac/Linux and Steam

Steam Squad image 1Saint-Petersburg – July 28, 2016: Enemies have landed on the shores of California and are quickly approaching San-Francisco. Only you can stop them, and march your units and machinery over destroyed cities and fallen bodies. Lead your troops in the tactical wargame – Steam Squad, launching today on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Players acting for the 3 world’s superpowers – Britain, Tianxian and the Holy Roman Empires have teams of up to 8 units equipped with WWI weaponry and machinery, in order to prove during 30 missions their right to control the planet. Gameplay takes place in an alternative universe amongst colorful anime-like settings with steampunk details.

To succeed in the game, players must:

  • Equip their teams according to their chosen strategy – select the right units, ammunition, and armory for the mission;
  • Read the missions’ tactical maps;
  • Lead units tactically and intelligently – they are easily killed and you have limited troop numbers;

“Steam Squad is a unique tactical wargame during the times of the Great War, posing a questionwhat if? What if the Tianxian Empire was able to colonize Siberia before Russia, and later started a war to extend its borders over the rest of Europe and the USA?” – says Oleg Makarevich, CEO of the Bretwalda Games. “We want to instill in the players that peace in the world has to be appreciated and preserved. We want to stimulate our players to study the history of one of the most important turning points of modern society – WWI, in a customary and fun way.”

Steam Squad image 2Key Features

  • Reality and complexity – actions in the game are driven by solid, physics based combat mechanics, and this is what makes it similar to the classic table board games – Warhammer, Infinity the Game;
  • The possibility to use your own and take over your enemy’s equipment – tanks, cannons and mortars;
  • The possibility to command your units according to the objectives of the missions and your tactical preferences;
  • Original weaponry that is similar to those used during the Great War;
  • Battlecam with a depth of field effect and an accurate color correction, that gives an authentic old film experience
  • Beautiful settings as if drawn by Miyazaki himself;
  • Interesting perks like – a destroyable environment, interactive fauna and melee weapons;

Steam Squad image 3Pricing & Availability
Steam Squad – is now available at Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The game is retailed according to the regional pricing policy of Valve. Price in the US starts from 18 USD.

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