Public surprised as crazy people go to Asylum

Hisilicon K3
Oilpunks dressed as steampunks voluntarily visit an asylum. It’s like something out of a Penny Dreadful.

Everyday people dressed in long clothing, fake guns and funny hats are actually voluntarily going to an Asylum this weekend. Several months ago, a researcher working on the trans-dimensional rift project accidentally made us known to the “Oilpunk” universe. In an incident involving a half eaten cucumber sandwich which was dropped on a control panel, single direction viewing was disabled.

Ever since that fateful day, we have been in constant communication with the people on the “other side”. Oilpunks will hold a grand festival in their version of Lincoln this weekend, it has been revealed.

Crackpots at the Asylum

Several thousand people will descend onto Lincoln for the event, dubbed “Weekend at the Asylum”. They intend to wander round, take iconographs and stare at the two thousand or so people who are smitten with our dimension.



Speaking exclusively to Steampunk Journal, Emilia von Poppetart said “We’ve been monitoring the oilpunk dimension for some time now and since Primary Greeting, we’ve noted an increase in the people that are emulating our styles and fashions. While flattering, holding a festival in our honour is a step too far and they’re clearly bonkers. It’s quite apt that they’re holding the event at an old Asylum in the city because they’re obviously nuts.”

Miss Poppetart’s supervisor is the Prime Minister Lady Florence Riddington. “This obsession shown by the oilpunks is growing at a tremendous rate,” she said in a statement issued from Downing Street.  For the moment we’re going to watch what happens because we think they could do with a little etiquette in their universe. However, they have singers pretending that they’re robots which are no patch on our actual singing robots. If this gets much further out of hand, we will have to send in military force.”

Could this be bad news for the Oilpunk universe which is already racked with war? Because it will consequently result with invasion. War hasn’t been seen on this side for centuries because we’re so polite. We’ve used that time to amass our armed forces and increase our military strength.

MoD’s off their Rockers

Ministry of Defence staff have confirmed that our military is up to 3 million armed personnel. We also have 50,000 sentinel dronebots, 60,000 heavy assault suits, 1000 automated cavalry legions and three vacuum bombs.

Queen Victorian has been consulted and she’s considering whether she would like the Empire to span a multi-dimensional rift.

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