WIN! New Jacobin Club competition

West Canadian band New Jacobin Club have featured heavily on the Journal recently. I’ve reviewed their newest album, interviewed them before their whistle-stop tour of Britain and then also had the privilege of watching them live at A Splendid Day Out in Morecambe.

While there, I had the opportunity to speak to Horde; the Lead Singer. He mentioned that it was the band’s 20th anniversary on 28th September 2016 and I thought what better way to celebrate it than to give away some stuff?

New Jacobin Club are also celebrating and have commissioned a reissue of “A Lesson in Mortality” which was recorded in 1998 and released in early 1999. It’s an extremely limited edition 7inch picture disc. To find out more and to order your copy, follow this link: New Jacobin Club 20th anniversary Picture Disc

The Competition

There’s a picture below of Horde and Poison Candi goofing around during a photo shoot. I’d like you to think of a suitable caption to fill the space that they’re both looking into.

In order to enter the competition, leave a comment in the comments section below this article. Comments left on the Facebook page won’t be included.

You have until the 21st October to get your entries in.

This is your time to shine! To show the steampunk community and a bunch of rockers on the other side of the world just how hilarious you are! What are you waiting for?

Good luck everyone, thinking caps on now. I’m looking forward to seeing these…

Competition: New Jacobin Club goofing around
Can you think of a funny caption for this picture?

The Prize

While at Morecambe, after watching the band play I bought a load of goodies and one of the items I got hold of was a poster of their tour dates in the UK. I got the band to sign it each and that’s the prize for this competition. This is a one of a kind prize. Thanks to my quick thinking and thanks to the band taking the time to scribble their names on the poster, you could win a unique prize that will look superb in your study or drawing room.

The Rules

  1. This is an international competition and while postage will be paid for, Steampunk Journal and New Jacobin Club can’t be held responsible for any import duties that are in addition to the postage fee.
  2. Captions left on this article will only be included in the competition. Feel free to email, it’s always lovely when you drop in, but entries via email or social media will not be counted.
  3. Should you win, your name and location will be used in any future marketing by both Steampunk Journal and New Jacobin Club. Other personal details will only be required for postage and communication relating to the competition. They will not be posted online or used for unrelated communication.
  4. I expect to laugh.
  5. The Horde expects to laugh.
  6. He never laughs.
  7. The competition will end on 21st October when the Band play their 20th Anniversary gig.
  8. You can enter more than once.

16 thoughts on “WIN! New Jacobin Club competition

  1. Wait, now if I just press this secret switch you will see a light come on….. It’s the idea button for new songs….

  2. “Horde” hey superman just flew over “poison candi” yeah and his fly is open I thought it would be bigger poor Mrs lane

  3. Horde, I was Marie Antoinette in a past life, look here you can see the scar. Oh shut up & let me dream of cake!!!

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