Professor Elemental writes letter to Steampunk Journal

You will all now be familiar with our incredible exposé on Professor Elemental that we published recently. You can read part one and part two here:

Professor Elemental – THE TRUTH Pt. 1

Professor Elemental – THE TRUTH Pt.2

It seems that for some reason, the Professor isn’t pleased that we managed to give him this kind of exposure. One would consider it laudable that we spent so much time and effort finding these things out, researching his past and, yes, making some stuff up. Clearly the elite were as ungrateful in the 19th century as they are in the 21st century. In fact, Elemental has even gone so far as to write a letter to the Steampunk Journal refuting these claims made by our coveted Pilutzer* Award winner Julian von Trumpe.


In it he lambastes the article as in some way “made up” and suggests that he is in fact a steampunk!

Professor Elemental's letter to the Journal
The letter that Professor Elemental wrote to the Steampunk Journal

*Like a Pulitzer, but won on a Hook-a-Duck

After reading the letter from Professor Elemental, we also found in the same envelope a letter from his solicitors. It explained the consequences of our articles. As a result, we’ve gone back over our evidence and discovered that it was pretty much 100% fabrication and that the Professor is actually a jolly nice chap.

However, in return for allowing us to maintain these articles online as good exposure for the Professor, we have been asked to provide links where you can find out more information about the superb work that he is actually doing in real life.

His new ongoing project on the Patreon website is underway and you can view it here: Professor Elemental on Patreon.

You can also purchase music and other paraphernalia on his website: Professor Elemental website

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