Whitby Steampunk Weekend on course

Whitby Steampunk Weekend posterWell I think it’s about time we had another steampunk weekend, don’t you? And where better than a place that everybody already loves? No, not Lincoln, I’m talking about Whitby!

Whitby Steampunk Weekend has already been booked for Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February, 2017 and as the details emerge it looks to be a right corker. The day will be full of market stalls – over 60 in fact – all held in the Whitby Pavillion. As day turns to night, the evening will have three incredible acts to blow the suspenders off your socks. The angelic voice of Julia from Alice’s Night Circus will compliment the teeth rattling energy of Matthew and Harry from Victor & The Bully. I watched them perform at A Splendid Day Out and they were quite superb. Then there’s some Professor bloke appearing as well.

That’s right, steampunk anti-mime Professor Elemental will be heading up the night with his shadow boxing, live corsetry and tight rope walking acts. I may have made those up. If he doesn’t do those things, he will most certainly be dropping a few superb beats on our ears.

Fun and inclusive

In an email to Steampunk Journal, the organisers said “The whole ethos will be fun, colourful and inclusive. That is why we have made a point of our artwork saying putting the message across that ALL are welcome to Whitby Steampunk Weekend!” I will most likely be there laying on a chaise longue, being fanned and fed grapes; or so I’d like to think. Realistically, I’ll be running around trying to get pictures and quotes off of people. It’s most certainly a date that I’ll be putting in my diary.

Tickets for the evening entertainment are £15 each. They can be ordered from the Whitby Pavilion website here: Steampunk Weekend Vaudeville evening

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