New Jacobin Club competition winner announced!

The caption competition for New Jacobin Club is closed and the winner announced
The winner gets a unique signed poster and limited edition vinyl album

I’ve been running a competition with my friends from Canada; The New Jacobin Club in order to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The competition features an amusing picture of The Horde and Poison Candi during a shoot. I aksed for you to think up an amusing caption and the winner has been chosen by The Horde himself!

The competition Winner is Courtney Blount from Birmingham, UK

Her winning caption is:

Competition: New Jacobin Club goofing around

“Wait, now if I just press this secret switch you will see a light come on….. It’s the idea button for new songs….”




The Horde said about the winning line:

The idea button was the best from the start- almost cracked a smile, but only because of the cosmic irony of the statement. After all these years I have often been in dire need of new musical ideas. Indeed there have been times when I wished it possible to conjure an “idea button” on to the faces of my bandmates and punch it.

I mean press it.  
Of course.”
Congratulations Courtney, you’ve won a signed tour poster from the band along with an additional prize that I included a week or so ago which is a limited edition red vinyl LP of the Soldiers Of The Mark album, which I reviewed here.
Accepting the prizes, she said:
“Wow, thank you so much! I’ve been a fan of [New Jacobin Club] for a few years now and I have a couple of their albums. I don’t have the new one though and on vinyl! Wow!”
The poster and album will be winging their way to you in the next couple of days via steam traction engine.

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