Ironchap, the Man of Steam

The people who brought us 1884 Yesterday’s Future, which Monty Python member Terry Gilliam had a hand in, released a teaser trailer for their new project earlier this year.

Ironchap, the Man of Steam looks to be a bucking adventure in a London rife with crime.  The promotional teaser video is a musical number, presented on a stage of a theatre but is a cinematic presentation. It lasts around 3 minutes and shows the making of the Man of Steam armour featuring plated limbs, a large chimney stack on the back and a eye covering helmet with an amusing nose hole.

Teaser trailer

Then we see a short montage of him helping the Police round up the troublemakers in the City. This is so that the Bobbys can get back on the beat. Then he visits the Queen at Buckingham Palace and the film ends after she’s thrown a rose to him.

1884 Yesterday’s Future is a very short three minute film about Britain’s conquest of the skies. Except here they’ve moved on to conquer the Moon. It’s a funny little video and worth a watch. Ironchap looks to have a lot more substance to it and it’s supposed to be being made into a series or film of some kind. However, there’s little information on the æthernet. The name was trademarked in 2013 by the Director, but there’s no social media page, no website…

Does anyone know anything about this project called Ironchap, the Man of Steam?



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