Penny Dreadful to return? Who knows?

Penny Dreadful fourth series?
Mr Chandler asks Ferdinand Lyle if there’s to be a fourth series

You have to hand it to the entertainment websites for their way of desperately clutching onto Penny Dreadful. It’s like they’re on a cliff. About to fall screaming to their deaths and Penny Dreadful is the hero reaching over to grab them. Such is their need to keep dredging up the non-story of the renewal of series four, that in this article, they even ask whether you’ll be watching it WHEN it debuts.

The entire article suggests firm news that the gothic drama is set to return. They provide this “evidence” of a renewal by using such language as:

  • “it looks like your wishes will come true.”
  • “Will you be watching the Penny Dreadful season 4 when it debuts on television?”
  • “fans will have to wait for the official press release.”

Dreadful language

This language would all lead the reader to believe that FXNewsCall have latched onto something and discovered some news that so far absolutely no other entertainment magazine has reported on. However, reading further into it, there’s contradictory statements that prove that this is all a fallacy and there’s absolutely zero proof of a fourth series. When they say Josh Hartnett, who played Ethan Chandler, has been lobbying for another network to buy the show. He is said to be willing to come back and if he successfully convinced a network to buy the rights to show, Eva Green and Reeve Carney will be willing to return as well.” So what we can ascertain is that all Josh Hartnett has done is lobby networks and nothing is in the bag. Even though in the paragraph above that, we’re told that “it looks like your wishes WILL come true.”

They then go on to say “Showtime still has not announced when season 4 will hit the cable channel” which means that there has been no announcement at all. The entire article is pure speculation but they’ve suggested that this is solid, set in stone news. It will do nothing to stem the grief from fans of the show when it ended after it’s third and previously confirmed final series.

Enough already

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really tired of these kinds of articles. They play on people’s sadness and bring unsupported hope. On the other hand, I do hope they’re right. I loved Penny Dreadful and would love to see another series. Though I’ve yet to see the third series after getting rid of my cable channels. That being said, if the creators say it’s ended naturally, then we need to let it go. We need to focus on something else instead.

You can read the story here: Will there be a fourth series of PD?

Here’s my satirical article on the slew of these types of news stories: Misleading articles awards

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