Clockwork Empires out on Steam

ce_alpha50_shot1After months of testing steampunk colony builder Clockwork Empires has been released on Steam. Throughout the gestation period on Steam Early Access, the game underwent Incredible Renovations of Fabulous Extremity™. Now it’s up to you to create the success of ambitious overseers, brave soldiers, and oppressed labourers as they go about their lives in your new world.

Beware, though! In order to make your life interesting, each colonist has an individual personality with motivations, secret and desires. These can range from occult ritualism to cannibalism!

Build your world

As a new player you’re transported to a steampunk world where you begin your life as a Junior Beureaucrat – Colonial Grade. You’ve been sent by the Empire to colonise a small area of the world. You have to develop your new world like any other builder game, designing buildings and layouts from the ground up. But there’s a catch. The land is rife with monsters who will kill your colonists if unattended. As they die, relatives of the deceased will grieve which can lead to occultism and the summoning of Cthulhu! Can your Occult Investigator stop the spread before the mighty Elder God arrives? Or will you need the Knights of Steam to fight for you?

ce_2016_june_promo_illustration_smallFrom what I can see from the trailer video, it appears to be like any other builder, but with a little bit of Sims thrown in and a decent storyline to boot. Canadian based company Gaslamp Games have seen previous success in their RPG Dungeons of Dredmore. Traditional steampunk design isn’t in abundance, according to the trailers, although it’s positioned as a steampunk game. It seems more a New World colony game with monstrous land walking squid. However, at the start, you do arrive in steam powered rafts and the Steam Knights look pretty advanced in their technology. I’ll likely be requesting a review sample, so keep checking back for a full review of the game.

Clockwork Empires costs $29.99 from Steam Powered
Learn more about Clockwork Empires, or read through the extensive backlog of design reports made during the game’s development at .

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