Starling Watches give thanks this Thanksgiving

Starling watch InceptionThose lovely people at Starling Watches are full of holiday spirit this Thanksgiving. They contacted me to let me know that they’ve completely sold out of the Snapshot and Translate watches. they also confirmed they won’t be making any more of them. However, they do still have Inception, What-If, Memories, and Replay watches available.

What’s more, they wanted to let me tell you about a new promotion they’re running over the Thanksgiving period. In order to get people in the mood for giving, they’re going to give a little of their own. Therefore, they will be handing out vouchers for $20 off their watches over the Thanksgiving holiday. With the discount, the price of their watches will be $49. For a limited edition watch designed by a Disney Imagineer, that’s a pretty good price.

Show me the money

In order to get the voucher, they want to see that you’re contributing and giving thanks. They want to see your pictures of you helping out somewhere and spreading the love. CEO of Starling Frank Cohen said: “We want to encourage you to share your love with people who need it. All you have to do is send us a photo of you making a donation of money, food, toys, or yourself volunteering to Toys For Tots, Wounded Warriors Project, Second Harvest Foodbank, the USO, The Red Cross, and any other organization that helps cheer people.”

Show the love

Thanksgiving is a time for friendship, family and helping those who are in more need than the rest of us. Starling wish to recognise that and are willing to contribute as a thank you for thinking of others.

You can take a look at which watches are left by following this link here: Steampunk watches remaining

For more information about the watches, you can read the Steampunk Journal review here: Disney Imagineered watch review

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