Third episode of Aetherlight series released

Aetherlight: The Rersistance Melts DownA steampunk online point and click game from Scarlet City Studios has released the third episode, titled “The Resistance Melts Down”. Part of the Aetherlight series, the game is aimed at a younger audience. Aetherlight is a game that aims to introduce a younger generation to Christianity and the adventures are usually a retelling of the tales of scripture.

Arriving just in time for Christmas, the land is covered in snow and offers new items, enemies and activities to keep kids happy whether they’re new players or existing members. The whole story revolves around the land of Aethasia that has been shrouded in fog. The fog corrupts everything it touches. It’s up to a small band of resistance fighters to solve puzzles and complete adventures to discover the location of the Great Engineer. He will then drive the fog back completely and be restored to the throne. This is clearly a metaphor for the world in which we live: The minds of people are shrouded in a fog that can’t see God and it’s up to the Resistance (Christians) to drive the fog back and restopre the Great Engineer (God) on the throne as the recognised king.

Once again the Companioin Engines App provides Bible study activities that explore the stories and meanings of the Scriptures. This allows players to welcome the message of God and incorporate it into their everyday lives. Parents are also kept in the loop as they will receive regular emails keeping them up to date on how their child is progressing in the game. It will also offer opportunities to discuss faith and life in a way that players can grasp and enjoy.

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance

Players join the Resistance and work with the mysterious Scarlet Man against the evil Usurper. Puzzle, quest and craft your way through a fantastic steampunk world. A world that is ruled by the self-proclaimed Emperor’s Automatons and smothered by the poisonous fog. Craft new weapons and equipment to help in the fight against the Automaton army. Explore the land of Aethasia in quests to restore what was stolen and corrupted when he seized control. Repower the Great Engines and help establish the Resistance as the hope of Aethasia. Work with your friends to uncover what happened to the Great Engineer. Fight in each other’s battles. Share clues and tips. Push back the fog in this role-playing adventure that puts you in the middle of the Resistance’s fight for freedom.

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