Steam Hammer sandbox RPG on crowdfund

Steam Hammer logoFor those of you who think you may have never experienced a sandbox game before, in all likeliness, you probably have; or at least seen it in action. It’s a game – or sometimes only part of a game – where the player can do anything they want. They can go anywhere, interact with characters in the game and there’s no real plot to push them along.

Big Way Games is a San Francisco based gaming company that doesn’t seem to have tapped into steampunk. Not until now. They have a Kickstarter campaign running to finance their new game called Steam Hammer.

steam-hammer-promo-3Steampunk meets Biopunk

This will be the first sandbox game in a steampunk world and has you adventuring through the mysterious Acribo Islands. Exploring the landscape, you will experience “a classic Victorian steampunk setting with wondrous mechanisms, machinery, weapons, armor, clothing, and—of course—steam and smoke.” You can choose from two factions; the classic Victorian themed Technocrats or the rough and ready Acribian Rebels. Both have unique abilities, crafting trees, weapons etc. All you have to do is choose between the steam-powered machinery of the Technocrat or the fusion of machine and man who the Rebels favour.

steam-hammer-promo-2Progression through oppression

Forge your path through the game by not only mining, harvesting, researching and building, but also fighting and stealing. Create massive weapons and technological monstrosities to suit your style of play. Engage with other players in the PvP section that can accommodate up to 64 players on the map.

If the Kickstarter page and especially the video is anything to go by, this will be a stunning game. As I mentioned earlier, Big Way Games don’t appear to have tried anything steampunk. If Steam Hammer is anything to go by, they really know what they’re doing. The creativity behind the machinery, buildings, vehicles and even the people themselves is exceptional.


How to help Steam Hammer

The campaign is ending on the 16th December and they’re halfway to target. You can help by visiting the Kickstarter page and if it’s something you want to be involved with, you can pledge an amount.

Visit the Kickstarter page here to see what you can get for your pledge: Campaign on Kickstarter

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