The Hellfire Club on Indiegogo is Live!

The Hellfire Club Indiegogo teaser imageSheffield, UK: 1st December, 2016: Steampunk Journal Editor Matt Grayson is extremely pleased to announce that his Indiegogo campaign has gone live and is available for people to view and pledge. The culmination of months of research, networking and preparation have come to a head and now he needs the help of the steampunk community.

This isn’t just another site of naked girls. It will be a gallery of creative photography by some of the best steampunk photographers in the country. Shoots will be up to artistic nude and feature all genders with the only restriction being that contributors must be aged 18 and over. This reinforces British steampunk as a wholly inclusive, all welcoming community.

Pledges on Indiegogo are most welcome and the perks involved are pretty sweet. They start at £10 which gives you a discounted month of access to the site once it’s up and running, then rise through to £150 for a year’s access and creative input into a shoot.

Companies can also get involved with the Special stages, such as a £350 pledge giving 12 month’s access to the site and sponsorship of three shoots. A £1000 pledge gives full creative control over a shoot with full brand placement and a feature in Steampunk Journal!

Stretch goals have been added. The target is £13,000 but should that be reached and it gets to £15,000, a web developer will be employed to build a custom made site. That will make the experience all the more enjoyable for the visitor.

Exceeding the Indiegogo target

If over £20,000 is raised on Indiegogo, a photobook will be created of all the best images from the various shoots. These will be given out to investors, the order of which will be the biggest investors receiving a copy first. This will be followed by tier 2 and cascading down to the final tier. Therefore it’s in the investor’s best interests to get as many people as possible pledging on this. The more funds it raises, the more chance they have of receiving additional perks!

If you don’t have the funds, you can still be involved. The steampunk community has a broad selection of members and not everyone is financially comfortable to be able to invest. That’s ok though. You can share, comment and like posts on social media in order to boost the organic views of the project. That way it will get seen by more people and have a higher chance of success. A record of people that help will be kept and some little gifts will be arranged as a thank you.

The campaign is running from 1st December through to the 30th January 2017 at 11.59pm GMT. This means you don’t have to worry about Christmas getting in the way. A gift voucher of a pledged amount could make for a unique and interesting Christmas gift.

Please follow this link and watch the video, see the pictures and get involved any way you can!

Hellfire Club crowdfunding page

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