SteampunkFunk Bizarre Non​-​Traditional Holiday Favorites song (mini) review

Monty's Christmas songThere are a few constants in the universe, such as night & day, rain in Britain and Montague Jacques Fromage. For the Christmas season, he’s treated us to a lovely festive song with his own humorous twist. His Non-Traditional Holiday Favorites is a medley of eight Christmas songs with an incredible rewrite of the themes.

After the opening narration from Monthy, it opens up with Joy to the World but from a Victoriana viewpoint and recited by Monty in his own unique Victorian Funk Rap. His typical history lessons continue in this song with the second inclusion being a parody of Jingle Bells. In Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells, we learn about Bill the Butcher, the corrupt politician William Tweed and the Dead Rabbits gang. The latter fought a lot against the anti-immigration Know Nothing political party. The point being that even 170 years ago, immigration was a contentious issue. We then smoothly transition through to Deck The Halls (Zombie Freakin’ Christmas) which has a hilarious backing vocal of “zombie gun” over and again. We also get to hear a funny take on Rudolph the Very Nosy Reindeer who gets himself into all sorts of trouble with the other Reindeers.

From then, the song takes a more “serious” note as the parodies fall away. Actual lyrics of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Auld Lang Syne, Golden Slippers are used before finishing again on We Wish You a Merry Christmas.


It’s a fabulously Christmassy song sang in a way only Monty knows how to do it. Splashes of improvisation add a light hearted humorous touch to the darker comedic parodied lyrics. The funk is lathered on but works really well. There’s even a spot of scratching, too. Which, for me – as someone who grew up in the early days of scratching development – is great to hear.

The song is currently up as Pay As You Feel. You can give nothing or you can give a lot. It is Christmas though, why not entertain your family with this on Christmas Day?

You can download the record here: Montague Jacque Fromage Holiday song download page

There’s also the lyrics on the same page and fab little video to go with it.


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