Pedal Punk comes to the stage by Cirque Mechanics

Pedal Punk by Cirque MechanicsFor the last 12 years the people behind Cirque Mechanics have been enthralling American audiences. Their steampunk inspired project – Pedal Punk – is a showcase of bicycle acrobatics and steampunk. According to the organisers, watching Pedal Punk will allow us to escape to a world where technology is left behind. Where bicycles are the preferred mode of transport. The back story is about a bike shop mechanic who interacts with cyclists and bikes and “he repairs more than broken pieces”.

Pedal Punk on video

Judging by the video it’s not just bikes that are the focus of the acrobatics. Anything that involves a wheel or a circle is used in the show. Including the German Wheel and Hula Hoop. Even ropes are swung in a circle to retain the consistency of the shape in the show.

Using the 19th century as inspiration is a good idea because one of the most iconic bicycles (and arguably the most recognisable) was invented during the era. Using steampunk means that they can break from the traditional Victorian look and add a little fantasy and fiction to it.

Chris Lashua is rthe Creative Director for Cirque Mechanics. He spent most of his career inside a German Wheel or on a BMX. It seems only fitting that he should incorporate that into a show. His fascination and passion for cycling certainly seem to show in the teaser video that can be viewed here. It shows some behind the scenes footage of the team practicing their routine and it looks incredible.

Pedal Punks is next showing on January 13th at Smothers Theatre, Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts at

You can find out more here: Tickets for Cirque Mechanics January performance

Hurry though, tickets are selling fast! Make sure you share some pictures if you go.

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