New images for The Hellfire Club crowdfund campaign

Images from a recent shoot for The Hellfire ClubAs the crowdfund campaign for the Hellfire Club photographic gallery is still underway, I’m trying to get ahead of myself to offer even more content to investors when the site is up and running. I’m funding these shoots myself and so far they’ve produced some great images. You may remember that back in December I shared a set from a shoot with SapphireBlue from November 2016. Since then, I waited for Christmas and New Year to conclude and booked a shoot straight away. Sadly, the model that I originally had in mind for this – a gender neutral model called Ellis – was unavailable on that date. Thankfully, Yorkshire based model Zoe Margo stepped in and offered to be covered in liquid latex.

The props were supplied by Amy’s Steampunk Emporium and included several rifles, a long coat and two plague masks. All of these items were hand made and look absolutely stunning. We had such a great time during the shoot, every minute someone was laughing. There’s a lot of images to get through. However I wanted to give you a glimpse of how they’re coming out, how good Zoe is as a model and how incredibly well made and designed the props are from Darren.

I managed to get several different looks from Zoe and may split them down into separate shoots depending on the amount of photographs that I want to use.

To invest in the Hellfire Club simply follow this link and select your favoured amount.

Are you ready to invest?

More shoots will come. I’m already planning the next one which will be a multiple person shoot, however it will only using one person! Keep an eye out on Steampunk Journal for more updates as they happen. Remember, if you’re wanting to invest, now’s the time. The perks offer discounts and other items that simply won’t be available once the campaign has ended. I enjoy giving things away and as the time goes by, more will be released.



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