Hellfire Club – TWO WEEKS LEFT!

crowdfund for the Hellfire Club is still going!

Support The Hellfire Club campaign here: Hellfire Club on Indiegogo YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL 31ST JANUARY!

There’s been a lot of support about the new crowdfund campaign for The Hellfire Club. It’s still running on Indiegogo but is due to end on the 31st January and I have some way to go. Remember, the only reason I’m asking for investment to set this up is because I want to pay people who work for me to get it up and running. I want to pay them their own going rate. I don’t want to reap the rewards of the site after I’ve only offered TFP (Time For Prints, sometimes known as Time For CD is an exchange of images for the work).

It’s going to cost around £13,000 to get the site into a position where it will be viable for people to want to pay to use it. I could fund it, but the site would be up and running in 3-4 years instead of a few months.

crowdfundRecent Shoot

I had a wonderful shoot with a local model Zoe Margo – who I thoroughly recommend if you’re looking for someone to work with. She certainly suffered for her art as the liquid latex we used on her neck and shoulders stuck to her skin and caused mild irritation. Ever the professional, she got through the work.

I used props from my collaborative team Amy’s Steampunk Emporium. Sarah and Darren are the friendliest and most supportive people you could know. They also have the most gorgeous dog; who the company is named after. Darren made the Plague masks and steampunk rifles as well as the long coat that Zoe wore for many of the shots.

I will be using these sets on the site as I’m trying to get ahead of myself for the site launch.

crowdfunding for Hellfire Club
This image is still a work in progress, but I’m excited about it and wanted to share so far.

This article has a couple of the shots that I’ve edited so far. I hope from the creativity that has gone into them you can see that this is going to be a place of artistic nude photography.

Crowdfunding for the Future

Most immediately, now is the time to invest in the project. I have a long way to go but I want to really get moving on this. You can invest by clicking on this link and going to the Indiegogo campaign page: Hellfire Club on Indiegogo

I have been in contact with a male model and that will be the next shoot. Remember, The Hellfire Club will welcome models of all adult ages and all genders, body types, races and religions.

I have other big plans for the future of the Journal and Hellfire Club. The Journal doesn’t make any money so that I can keep it free for all to use. That’s why I need your help to fund this project.

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