Go Behind the Scenes this weekend at vintage Railway Museum

Vintage Rail Cars will be on show at the Orange Empire Museum in Perris, California, this weekend 21st and 22nd January 2017. Your opportunity yo get “Behind the Scenes” will be brought to you by the tireless volunteers who operate, maintain and restore the trains. The all-day event will open up special access to tours of Locomotives, Passenger and Freight cars. For those of you who prefer a more modern touch, there’s also streetcars and interurban electric cars. Artifacts dating back to 1870 will also be available for viewing.
The annual event is positioned as a family day out, so bring the kids along and they can experience a slice of history. There’s plenty to do alongside the tours including operating special equipment, special access to a pit where you can go under a streetcar and see how it works. You can visit Ruffalo Carhouse 7 which is crammed with trains, streetcars and trolleys and isn’t normally open to the public. You can also get behind the throttle and help run a real Locomotive for an additional fee.

Behind the Scenes runs alongside the Steam Weekend so expect to see real locomotives in operation and get a chance to ride behind the powerful VC #2. For the price of the admission, you also get unlimited rides on other classic trains from Southern California’s history.

Members are admitted free of charge while non-members are chargeable. However, for children 5-11 at $8 and visitors 12 and above at $12, it’s an inexpensive day out of fun and education. Under 5’s go free. All proceeds go to supporting the museum and the continued restoration of historic rail cars and rail line.

The address is 2201 S. “A” St., Perris, CA

You can learn more by visiting their website here: Orange Empire Railway Museum website

Alternatively you can call (951) 657-2605. 

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