Children get to steampunk this February!

Children can learn to make steampunk clothingThe Discovery Museum in Newcastle, UK are holding an event on 18th February called Unusual Outfitters. According to the Discovery Museum website, children will have the opportunity to customise a piece of their own clothing with electronics in a steampunk style.

Skilled inventors will give instructions on how to use a soldering iron and sewing machine. An item of clothing will be needed to be taken for customisation. This could be anything, but to make it more fun, it would be interesting to keep it in the vein of the 19th century. For example, a smart hat, waistcoat, jacket or bow tie. Alternatively you may want to use headbands, gloves, skirts etc.

The workshop lasts for two hours and allows the children to customise their clothing. They can use ribbons, lace, cogs, curiosities and electronics. These are all provided by the museum in the extremely reasonable £5 fee per child.

The event is part of Play + Invent, which is the Discovery Museum’s new family programme for young inventors, designers and makers. You can find out more about the event here: Newcastle Museum steampunk design event

There are two workshops on the day. Workshop One is 11am until 1pm and Workshop Two is 1.45pm until 3.45pm.

Steampunk is for any age! (Image taken at A Splendid Day Out, Morecambe – Credit: photofairground, used with permission)

Children getting into steampunk? Great!

I think this is a fantastic idea. A making workshop will introduce children to all sorts of new skills and talents they haven’t discovered yet. It will help develop their hand to eye co-ordination as well as teaching them patience and safety while using a soldering iron. What better theme to use than the good old 19th century mixed with generous spoonful of science fiction?

This could pave the way for steampunk events around the country to hold workshops for children. As steampunks, we value inclusivity, acceptance and diversity. Children are all born without prejudice. By showing them that a group of nerds like us are a part of normal life, we pave the way for a wider field of acceptance in the future.

One thought on “Children get to steampunk this February!

  1. As possibly the only living steampunk in the north east (by living, I mean I dress in it and live it every day, not just at/for events) I think this is a great idea to get children involved in it and to learn about it.

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