8th Annual Edwardian Ball is expanded across two cities

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA): Paradox Media and Vau de Vire Society have announced the 8th Annual Edwardian Ball, which is to be held on Saturday, February 11th. The location is the historic Globe Theatre which is located in the Broadway Downtown Theatre District. Nestling comfortably between the January ball and the brand new New Orleans Edwardian Ball in March, the February event has been built on and expands its honour, recognition of and artistic contributions from the late-great macabre cult author, comic artist, illustrator and cartoonist Edward Gorey.

For those of you who don’t know, Edward Gorey is the ground-breaking, genre–defying and critically-acclaimed graphic novelist. He’s credited with influencing Charles “Addams Family” Addams, Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman (Coraline and Day of the Dead), Rob Reger (Emily the Strange), Alison Bechdel, (Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama and Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic), and Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlejuice).

The Edwardian Ball has enthralled people for the years with a unique blend of live music, theatre, fashion, circus, fine art, riveting stage shows, literature and ballroom dancing. DJs, and characters play in an enticing and whirlwind alternative universe. The Ball has grown over the last sixteen years from an underground party to the multi-city, multi-media festival of arts that we see today. All operating with the full blessing of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.

Each year emulates a climatic theatrical production of an Edward Gorey tale. The theme for 2017 is Murder in the presentation of “The Deadly Blotter”. An unconventional and intriguing whodunnit. The guidelines will be redefined by the attendees as they are allocated as either a sleuth or a suspect. The Executibe Producer and Co-Founder of the Edwardian Ball, Justin Katz, said: “This year we present a hat tip to the cinematic murder mystery noir in our presentation of ‘The Deadly Blotter.’ The three Edwardian Ball affairs, staged in three unique and distinctive cities, each sharing the same commonality in cultural magnetism, mysticism, and magical allure, as well as troubled, tragic and tortured pasts, are, in a way, the three parts of a trilogy. Aficionados of the arts, music, literature, and cinema, who relish community participation and a desire to create and perform as Edward Gorey characters in the chapters of their own individualistic plays, will find their home in these darkly gothic, romanticized, gilded and gentile Neo-Victorian and Edwardian-era parties that imagine an alternative distant past which intertwines with an elegantly re-imagined future.”

There are a multitude of other features to participate with including the Portrait Booth, Museum of Wonders and Absinthe cocktails. There’s also Steam-Powered art and installations, Parlour Games, Side Shows as well as much more.

Edwardian Ball details

The 8th Annual Edwardian Ball takes place on February 11th 2017 from 8pm to 2am. It’s at the Globe Theatre LA, 740 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90014.

You must be aged 21 or over. Creative period costumes are strongly encouraged to be worn on the night. It costs $70  for a General Admission ticket or $90 for a VIP “Skip the Lines” Pass. Please bear in mind as the time grows nearer, the prices may increase.

If you can’t make the Los Angeles event, you could try for the very first New Orleans based Edwardian Ball. This will be held at the Generations Hall, 310 Andrew Higgins Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130.

It’s on Saturday, March 25th 2017, starting at 8pm and finishing at 2am. You have to be aged 21 and over to gain access.

Please visit the Edwardian Ball website for details and for information on purchasing tickets.

All accompanying Edwardian Ball press images are graciously provided by and credited to Marco Sanchez: http://www.marcosanchez.net

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