New Jacobin Club: BLOOD on the STAGE

Blood on the Stage by New Jacobin ClubPerhaps one of Canada’s longest ever running theatrical rock bands, the New Jacobin Club have been stomping, screaming and spitting their way across stages since 1996. This short film is a candid and open discussion with all six members of the band about the psychology of wearing masks and makeup and the how the identity of the band has evolved over the years alongside their ever changing appearance and stage show.

“Blood on the Stage: Behind the Makeup & Masks” features documentary interview segments conducted by American film maker Ari Bergeron and was produced by Kathryn Trembach Photography and Manticore Music Media. The film also contains footage of the band from their recent UK tour, unseen theatrical concept video footage and unreleased studio audio.

Band leader and founding member Xerxes Praetorius (“The Horde”) commented that “…it actually took a leap of faith to talk about some of this stuff openly on camera, I think we all learned a few things about each other as it was filmed. It was like group therapy for performance artists…”

BLOOD on the STAGE and the future

The New Jacobin Club is currently putting the final touches on the post-production and packaging of a yet-untitled live album that was recorded near the end of 2016 in celebration of the band’s 20th anniversary. Upcoming plans for 2017 include a series of acoustic shows and a Canadian tour with at least one yet to be announced international touring artist. The band will begin recording their 6th studio album in 2018 in Los Angeles. Band members include Poison Candi (vocals/theremin), The Horde (vocals/guitar), Mistress Nagini (vocals/keyboard), The Ruin (bass), RatKing (drums) and The Luminous (cello).

You can find out more from New Jacobin Club by visiting their website here (Sign up and get some sweet free music): New Jacobin Club website

You can also like their Facebook page: New Jacobin Facebook page

And you can also become a Marked One on the Facebook fan page: New Jacobin Club Facebook fan page

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