Want the Inside Scoop on the Edwardian Ball in New Orleans? Help me Bring the Story to Steampunk Journal!

Edwardian Ball sample imageThe Edwardian Ball is a long-standing charitable event held by the Edward Gorey Trust. For the first time, they’ve expanded beyond California to bring their event and the good work they do to a new city, New Orleans! The organizers have generously offered us the chance to cover the event, but the Big Easy is hundreds of miles away.

Get me to the Edwardian Ball!

I am desperate to go and bring you the story, but frankly, I am also desperately broke. Through this campaign, you can get the Steampunk Journal story as a PDF before it runs online. Plus, I am also offering extra digital content and limited edition prints of photos from the event. If we can make it to my stretch goal of $1000, I will even be able to bring the event to you LIVE on March 25!

Here’s a hint of what you can see at the Ball!


Stop by the campaign page to find out more!


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