Review of Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices 3) by Cassandra Clare

Even though all three of Casandra Clare’s Infernal Devices books came out between 2009-2013, I didn’t get around to reading the third one until much later. This is not to say that I wasn’t excited to find out the conclusion. I just didn’t get a chance to pick it up before I left the English-speaking world for a spell in 2014-2015. You can imagine my elation when I found an ample English language section in a Bulgarian bookstore and Clockwork Princess was waiting for me! Even though it comes in at 507 pages, I tore right through it in a couple of days.

What I thought of Clockwork Princess

The book begins with a confrontation between the London Institute and the giant worm demon that Benedict Lightwood became at the end of Clockwork Prince. His sons, Gabriel and Gideon, as well as Will’s shadowhunter-in-training sister, Cecily, accompany Will, Jem and Tessa to the Lightwood estate. In the interim since events of Clockwork Prince came to a close, the Magister and his automaton army seem to have vanished. Will doesn’t have much to focus on besides the engagement of his best friend, Jem, to the love of his life, Tessa. The battle is a welcome distraction until at the end when Jem collapses due to his long-standing illness.

It turns out he has been taking his drugs far too quickly in an attempt to be worthy of Tessa’s love. He’s burned out his entire year’s supply in a matter of weeks. The Magister has bought up all of the remaining drug in the entire city, leaving the shadowhunters at his mercy if they want Jem to live. Tessa is the key to the Magister’s nefarious plot for domination over the shadowhunters he believed have wronged him, but her actual purpose is still a mystery. On top of the threat from the outside, trouble is also brewing for the head of the London Institute, who didn’t turn out to be as compliant and meek as the Consul believed she would be.

Internal politics, passionate romance and the threat of utter annihilation combine into a great climax for a wonderful trilogy. It is a totally satisfying wrapping-up of the plot lines from the first two books.

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