Synopsis: A Thousand One Stanbul Steampunk Nights by M.J. Frost

About A Thousand One Stanbul Steampunk Nights

“Once there was and once there wasn’t,” Turkish tellers often begin their tales. And so opens these tales of Muslim Steampunk as told by Şehrazad, a Muslim feminist, to the Sultan of Industry, Hamid—a man she would never marry.

To save herself from being yet another cog in the machine of social normalcy, Şehrazad spins a series of stories that eventually save the Sultan from himself.

Herein are contained some of the stories she tells. There is the “The Tale of the Rich Corset Merchant and the Steam Powered Automaton,” the “The Tale of the Mad Scientist Nasreddin and the Princess Who Wore Brass Goggles,” the “The Tale of the Clockwork Girl,” and six of the seven voyages of “Sabiha the Airship Sailor.”

So, come: enjoy the scent of spices, the sound of the winds through the airship rigging, and the taste of teas as Şehrazad speaks tales that shall take us from Istanbul to Baghdad, to India, to the Silk Road, to China, and around the world. Let us met Ayşe Hatun, Queen of Airship Pirates; Madam Su’Lin, hero of the Chinese Opium Wars; Büyük Khanum Qudsiyya, Mother of the Sudan; and, of course, Sabiha, the Airship Sailor, Master of the Sky.

Read the first story

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