Just a Hint of what You’ll See if I Go to the Edwardian Ball for Steampunk Journal

The Kickstarter campaign to help me pay my way to the incredible Edwardian Ball is underway. So far we’ve already reached 1/3 of our goal of $425 to help me get to New Orleans! This is awesome, but I can’t bring the story of the first ever New Orleans event later this month if I don’t get more pledges by March 25. Backers can get a postcard from the Big Easy, limited edition prints, extra content, discounted Steampunk Journal ad space and more! If we reach our stretch goal of $1000, I will be able to LIVESTREAM from the event.

Visit the campaign page

Here’s a few lovely photos from previous Edwardian Ball celebrations, and find out more about the event and the Edward Gorey Trust’s work to stop animal cruelty. (Photos by Marco Sanchez)

See our original post

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