The Drosselmeier Chronicles – 2-Part Novella Collection by Wolfen Moondaughter

The Drosselmeier Chronicles

Uncle Drosselmeier was so much more than a human who tinkered with clockworks, and the Nutcracker was no mere cursed boy. The faeries in the so-called “Land of the Dolls” weren’t made of sugarplums, nor were the brownies made of chocolate. Even Marie (aka Clara) turned out to be more than she seemed. And Drosselmeier, Marie, and the nutcracker’s adventures didn’t exactly end the morning after the battle with the seven-headed Mouse King.
Meanwhile, Jacob Marley’s dealings with Ebenezer Scrooge, the love of his life, did not actually stop after the announcement of the pending arrival of three Ghosts and a last chance at redemption. For that matter, the Ghosts weren’t exactly Spirits at all, but rather three Gaiankind on a mission to save more than one soul that night ….
Find The Drosselmeier Chronicles on Amazon: 1.60 GBP/$1.95 on Kindle, 7.46 GBP/$9.08 paperback
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