New Rewards Added to the Edwardian Ball Campaign – ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT!

If I don’t get there, neither do you.

I want to bring you behind the curtain at the Edwardian Ball, to bring the sights and sounds right to your computer. But I can’t buy my ticket and hit the road until I know I’ve got your support.

And Time is Running Out!

Photo by Marco Sanchez


The world is pretty bleak, folks. I get it. There are big problems out there that you wish you could solve, causes that are so much larger than just one person going to one event. And if you are donating to those causes, I applaud you. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little sunshine to YOUR life.

Get extra content, get early content, get INSIDE the magic with me.


That’s right folks! I’ve got TWO tickets to the Edwardian Ball and I need an assistant if I am going deliver my report. For a $50 contribution, be my guest for a night of Steampunk MAGIC.



I am also offering up to three commissions on shadowboxes in any color or motif of your choosing! So treat your eyes to something splendid by becoming a backer.


Visit the campaign page



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