We Did It! We’re bringing the Edwardian Ball to you!

The Edwardian BallWell, steampunks certainly seem to cut it fine. We started a Kickstarter crowdfund campaign a month ago when we were invited to cover the Edwardian Ball. It’s a charitable festival which has grown from an underground party to an internationally recognised event operating with the blessing of the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust. The highly lavish event is usually held in Los Angeles but this year sees a second Edwardian Ball held outside LA.

New Orleans is the location and what better place than the Big Easy? The eccentric city is a location for a new book that Steampunk Journal Editor Phoebe Darqueling is writing, so as well as backing us to cover one of the most esteemed events in the steampunk calendar, she can acquire some vital research to help her book.

Phoeberella will go to the Ball

Both Phoebe and I are so pleased that you decided to help us on our quest. When we merged in February 2017, we pledged that we were going to expand the Journal to be as much as it could be. We knew that we would widen the subject material of the Journal by having Editors located in the USA and the UK. If the Journal was still solely UK based, when I received the invite, I would never have managed to cover it. Believe me, I’ve tried. I offered free tickets to anyone in LA to go to the event in return for a few words and some photographs. I received no replies.

Thank you

This means that the merging of Steampunk Journal and For Whom The Gear Turns is so far a success. Couple that to the sheer generosity of our readers and we have a winning formula. We don’t get paid from the Journal. Everything we do is funded by us, which is why we needed your help for this. And by gum did you guys pull through. It says a lot for the community when people who you’ve never met ask for help and you give it. We’re so grateful that we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Or is it the hearts of our bottom..? No, the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you

Over the next few days you’ll be hearing about our massive month long giveaway. We’re celebrate 30 years of the word steampunk and we want to give back to you. On top of that we will be posting articles, interviews, videos and photographs about the Ball.

Once again, thank you to everyone that has supported us. Not just through this campaign, but also on a regular basis by commenting, liking and sharing our work. It really means a lot to know you appreciate it and motivates us to do more and make ourselves better.

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