Steampunk Anniversary Giveaway, April 2nd – Constance Bashford photo

constance bashford
Constance Bashford

We received such a huge volume of willing participants to our giveaway that we’ve had to double up on some of the days, which means one or two of you lucky readers will get two items!

Constance Bashford

April 2nd is one such date! On this day, the winner will receive a high resolution image of renowned steampunk and dieselpunk model Constance Bashford. Constance has been a major player in European steampunk for several years and heads up The Airship Peregrine with her ship mates. Steampunk Journal interviewed her in 2014 while we visited Steampunk Doncaster and since then she’s been a firm friend of ours. It was only right that we not only include her in the giveaway, but also place her right at the front of the line up.

You can learn more about Captain Bashford via her website.

It would be super splendid if you could find a way to support the Captain in her artistic odyssey. You can do this for a minimal amount per month on her Patreon page; just like Steampunk Journal does.

LS Kilroy

As well as that, the lucky winner will also recieve a copy of The Vitruvian Heir by LS Kilroy. The Vitruvian Heir is a political thriller set in the distant future. Mass destruction has caused society to circle round to emulate the past. Women have few rights and religion is powerful.

You can discover more about LS Kilroy via her website. Alternatively you can go straight to purchasing her book through multiple outlets here.

The items to be given away on 2nd April are a high resolution download of Constance Bashford and a paperback copy of The Vitruvian Heir by LS Kilroy .

I’d like to extend my personal thanks to Constance and LS Kilroy for donating these prizes for the giveaway.

Make sure you watch the Facebook page for the winner being announced!

Stay tuned for the next day’s prizes! Or you can view the list here: Steampunk Journal’s April Giveaway

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