Vote on your Favorite Cover for the CWC’s Steampunk Project – Now to April 2

The Collaborative Writing Challenge is a fantastic program for new and experienced writers. Each project contains 30 chapters, and each chapter is attempted by at least three different writers who get to direct where the story goes next. Yours Truly is the coordinator for the 7th CWC project, Army of Brass. This means that I choose the chapter each week and do the initial editing. It is shaping up to be a high-flying adventure set in a distant land with a complex relationship to technology, not to mention with their king.

We’ve now reached our 13th week, which means it is time to choose a cover! There are 6 cover mock-ups to choose from, and voting lasts until April 2. VOTE NOW!

What is Army of Brass About?

Elaina’s worst fear has just come true.

The man who haunts The Master Tinkerer’s nightmares is marching on her adopted homeland, and all hope is lost if she can’t get her desperate gamble to work.

The Lords oppose her. The king opposes her. But with the help of a band of renegade smiths and a cartographer with a debt to pay, Elaina is determined to awake the sleeping army of metal giants from a bygone age.

She’s on the edge of the discovery that will change everything, and if she survives the spies and assassins that infest Mailderet, the Army of Brass can answer the call and rise to protect the land once more.

VOTE for your favorite cover NOW!

Are you a writer? We can always use more submissions! Find out more.

Visit Phoebe’s author page.

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