Steampunk Anniversary Giveaway, April 5th – The Machine

The Machine by EC JarvisBack in October 2016, author The Machine was spotlighted by Steampunk Journal as part of our Steampunk Write, Steampunk Read campaign. This campaign looks to help independent authors gain exposure with a steampunk audience. Now author EC Jarvis wants to give something back to the community that supports her so much.

The Machine is the first of four novels in the Blood and Destiny series. It’s complemented with The Pirate, The War and The Destiny.

What is The Machine about?

Who would give a humble store clerk a second glance? Not the richest man in the city… not without good reason. Larissa Markus doesn’t think to question why the charismatic Professor is treating her to a whirlwind romance. His Machine is more than a curiosity, more than a miracle, it is the beginning of a tumultuous path of adventure, intrigue, love and violence.

Airships, pirates, corsets, torture, murder, and more await in the first novel of the Blood and Destiny Series. The Machine is an adult steampunk fantasy book. Possible triggers are present within the book including but not limited to sex, murder, torture, and violence.

The book is a paperback, signed and also has a lovely heart that EC has drawn for you.

This is a great prize and hopefully you’ve signed up to Steampunk Journal to be in with a chance of winning it.

EC Jarvis website

EC Jarvis Facebook page

The item up for grabs on 5th April is the signed paperback novel The Machine by steampunk author EC Jarvis.

We would like to extend our thanks to EC Jarvis for donating a book for the Steampunk Journal Steampunk Giveaway!

Make sure you watch the Facebook page for the winner being announced!

Stay tuned for the next day’s prizes! Or you can view the list here: Steampunk Journal’s April Giveaway

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