Sandbach Steampunk Market countdown!

Sandbach Steampunk Market will see Albion Arms making an appearanceWe don’t get out much at the Journal. We’re so busy bringing you as much steampunk related news and articles that we’re stuck behind our aethernet difference engines all day. However, from time to time a small window of opportunity rises and we manage to get out in the sunshine – well, rain usually – and go to a splendid event somewhere in the world.

The 29th and 30th April is the first Sandbach Steampunk Market of 2017. The second of the biannual event will be October 14th & 15th 2017. Compared to other steampunk markets, Sandbach looks to be about mid sized with 25 traders inside the restored Victorian Town Hall.

Sandbach is a historic market town located in Cheshire, England. It’s been documented since the Saxon times which spans from the early 5th century to the 11th century. It’s transitioned through a number of names. It was documented as Sandbec in 1086, changing it to Sondbache/Sondebache in the 13th century and more amusingly Sandbitch in the 17th and 18th century.

It was in 1579 when the town was gifted a Royal Charter that the market sprang to life. Moving on a century and the markets were joined by a biannual festival. The town and area was well known for ale at this point so I expect a good night is in store for me solely based on that fact. Nearly 430 years later and the market is still held on a Thursday. It’s situated on Scotch Common. The latter area gaining it’s name from a skirmish during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. A Scottish army that had come south to join the Battle of Worcester had retreated. Exhausted, they marched through Sandbach where the inhabitants attacked them and captured up to 100 soldiers.

Sandbach Steampunk Market daytime market

There are a number of well known steampunk vendors on during the day. I won’t go into too much detail about them now because I will be documenting the weekend and will include it in a full report. However, the list of vendors are Albion Arms, All Woman Corsets, Elgar Shirts, Elvin Dreams, Fluffy’s Jewellery, Gail Young – Ornamentology, Gizmobots, Good Fairy,Bad Fairy, Historical Haberdashery, Jan Harrop, Kevin Cooper, Kilabitzzz Zuperpaint Glow In The Dark Shop, Laurian Gray’s Wardrobe, Neil Marshall, Professor Thomas Bottoms, Rock & Goth, Steamwares, The Cog Detective, Wallhangers Photography and Vintiquita.

I’ve previously met with Albion Arms at the Barnsely Apothecarium so it will be nice to catch up and Laurien Gray is as well known as she is gorgeous, so it’s highly likely that you’ve heard of her.

Sandbach Steampunk Market evening acts

Accompanying the daytime market, there will be an evening event. Acts include Victor & The Bully who are like sand the way they get everywhere. In fact, Sandbach is their last gig before they fly out for the Steam World’s Fair in early May. Supporting Matt & Harry are The Retro Clones. I couldn’t find much out about these guys, so I’m looking forward to seeing them at the event. Alongside you’ll get to see burlesque performances from Foxee Stole. Based just over the border in North Wales, Foxee combines magic and dance to bring a unique performance on stage.

Continuing with the vaudeville style offerings, Erwyd Le Fol is bringing his madcap Jester lifestyle to you. Erwyd is a well known performer and estimates his routines have been seen by more than 200,000,000 people. I’m guessing not all at once. Finally the support acts are joined by Greg Chapman. He runs Condensed Histories which is a mixture of entertainment with some history thrown in. Edutainment, you could say.

Throughout the days, Tim Olsen will be conducting workshops on how to improve your maker skills such as turning a regular plastic toy into a steampunk version.

Tickets cost £12 each for the evening entertainment are available from the Crewe Steampunk Convivial website

You can learn more about the Sandbach Steampunk Market by following this link.

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