Steampunk Anniversary Giveaway, April 14th – Professor Elemental album

Professor Elemental and his Amazing Friends
Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental has a lot to answer for. It was in 2013 when he appeared in Sheffield. I knew he was performing so asked cheekily if I could come and photograph him. Surprisingly (at the time, not now that I know how generous he truly is) he said yes. It was then I first saw some goggles on a Pith helmet and wondered why I was so excited by it. I looked into this thing called steampunk and felt a sense of overwhelming relief that I’d finally discovered what I was looking for.

The Professor’s Amazing Friends

Professor Elemental and his Amazing Friends features Mr Frisbee, Bill Evans, Pete Cannon, Thom, Tom Caruana and Nick Maxwell. It has brand new tracks such as Mechtoria,  More of What You Asked For and Bare Witness. It also has remixes of All In Together (one of my favourites) and Inn at the End of Time.

If you don’t win this prize, you can download the album from his website for just £8.00.

Again we have an image from Ruud at Space Machine Imagery. It’s still a surprise which one it will be. Even I don’t know! The winner will be sent an email with the link and password to access the page. Make sure you take a look at his other epic work by following this link.

The items up for grabs on 14th April is a copy of Professor Elemental and his Amazing Friends and a high resolution image from Space Machine Imagery.

We would like to extend our thanks to the good professor and Ruud De Korte. For donating their wonderful talents and prizes for the Steampunk Giveaway!

Make sure you watch the Facebook page for the winner being announced!

Stay tuned for the next day’s prizes! Or you can view the list here: Steampunk Journal’s April Giveaway

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