Steampunk anniversary giveaway, April 18th – Sherlock Holmes novel

Sherlock Holmes - The Spirit Box by George MannFor the 18th April, we’ve teamed up with Titan Books to giveaway a copy of Sherlock Holmes – The Spirit Box by renowned steampunk and dieselpunk author George Mann. You may remember a couple of years ago we ran a short story competition to win a copy of Steampunk Style which was distributed by Titan Books. Ever since then the Journal and Titan have worked closely together.

Here’s the lowdown on The Spirit Box:

Summer, 1915. As Zeppelins rain death upon the rooftops of London, eminent members of society begin to behave erratically: a Member of Parliament throws himself naked into the Thames after giving a pro-German speech to the House; a senior military advisor suggests surrender before feeding himself to a tiger at London Zoo; a famed suffragette suddenly renounces the women’s liberation movement and throws herself under a train.

In desperation, an aged Mycroft Holmes sends to Sussex for the help of his brother, Sherlock.

You can learn more about this book by visiting the Titan website via this link.

The item up for grabs on 18th April is a copy of Sherlock Holmes -The Spirit Box by George Mann.

We would like to extend our thanks to Titan Books for donating their fabulous prize for the Steampunk Giveaway!

Make sure you watch the Facebook page for the winner being announced!

Stay tuned for the next day’s prizes! Or you can view the list here: Steampunk Journal’s April Giveaway

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