Steampunk anniversary giveaway, April 19th – No. One album 12″ Vinyl

Limited Edition: BB Blackdog lead vocals and founder
Dale Rowles, founder of BB Blackdog enjoys a pouting selfie as much as anyone.

If there’s one thing you can’t say about BB Blackdog is that they aren’t generous. You also can’t say they’re lackadaisical, lazy, unfriendly and untalented, but let’s stick with the generosity thing for now. They’re featuring in this giveaway a lot because when I asked if they’d donate one CD or a track download, they sent two videos and three albums along with stickers and flyers. Two of the albums were on CD but today’s gift is the other one. Today we have for you something really special: A Limited Edition 12″ vinyl copy of Number One album.

BB Blackdog’s Number One album was their first release which launched in 2010. Featuring such well known tracks as Speed Dating, Gimp and the self titled BB Blackdog. The album catapulted the band onto the steampunk music scene and now when anyone thinks of British steampunk music, they’re up there with the rest of the best.

As well as running and performing in a successful band, Lead Singer Dale also runs Steampunk Records. It’s a “Non-Profit Co-Operative providing a Centralised web presence as well as a place to sell CD’s and merchandise for Steampunk Bands and Artists.”

They have artists such as New Jacobin Club, Professor Elemental, Victor & The Bully, Victor Sierra, Wattingers, Metropolis, Miss Von Trapp, GurdyBird, Lord Montague Jacques III on the books with music available to buy.

Take a look at the BB Blackdog website.

You can also follow them on their Facebook page.

The item up for grabs on 18th April is a signed Limited Edition 12″ vinyl copy of Number One album by BB Blackdog.

We would like to extend our thanks to Dale and the band for donating their fabulous prize for the Steampunk Giveaway!

Make sure you watch the Facebook page for the winner being announced!

Stay tuned for the next day’s prizes! Or you can view the list here: Steampunk Journal’s April Giveaway

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