The City by Unwoman – Official Music Video

Unwoman coverIt is no secret that I love Lindsey Stirling because of her layering of a classical instrument over electronic music that creates a great old-meets-new feeling. Unwoman is another such artist, and her instrument of choice is the cello. I didn’t find out about this amazing singer-songwriter-badass cellist until after I left the San Francisco Bay Area, so I never saw her live. Fingers crossed I’ll get another chance! Have you ever seen her perform? Tell us about it!

Unwoman has several albums available on her bandcamp page.

2 thoughts on “The City by Unwoman – Official Music Video

  1. I love Unwoman’s music and I’ve been fortunate enough to hear her perform on three different occasions at Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, and a fourth time at Wild Wild West Con in Tucson. The performances in the ball room and in the boiler room of the Queen Mary were amazing because there were great acoustics and the setting was just perfect for her style of music.

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