Scam email alert! (not steampunk related)

phishing email sent to Steampunk Journal
Phishing emails are taking a darker turn

This is my first ever post on here (that I can remember at least) that isn’t steampunk related. The reason I’m posting it on here is due to the severity of the email and because I have a much larger platform to warn as many people as possible. After you’ve read this, please share it around and make everyone aware.

I received an email the other day. It was a phishing email asking me for money, but it had taken a dark turn that I was obliged to inform the Police about it. We’ve all received emails from West African banks that are wanting to hide money in our accounts. Been told of a previously unknown relation dying in a plane crash who left us a huge inheritance. We’ve laughed at the Nigerian Prince wanting to give us money for seemingly no reason. These are typical examples of emails that are sent unsolicited to us to try and get our bank details. On the Steampunk Journal emails I must receive five a day that ask me to open an html link to track my order. I never use that email for ordering anything.

These examples can be brushed aside, but the recent one I received was much more macabre. It was from a sendee titled Serial Killer. The actual email address is much more placid but the Police don’t hold much hope of tracking it. It would have been pinged a million times before landing in my inbox.

The rest of the email went as follows:

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