The Last Airship seeks funding

The Last Airship writer, director, editor and actor
Greg plays Lupo in the series

While in Sandbach, I was lucky enough to be invited to the evening event where I watched a number of splendid acts. One such act was the escapology of Greg Chapman. He’s the chap who runs Condensed Histories. Since then we’ve spoken about his newest project that is currently in production.

The Last Airship is a comedy webseries that was born from a few off the cuff shows that he made with Felicity – one of the stars of The Last Airship. Greg had already been working on several webseries shows for his Condensed Histories channel on YouTube. When the success and appreciation of his steampunk short videos was evident, he knew he wanted to get further into steampunk.

The Last Airship actor Felicity Hawthorn
Felicity Hawthorn plays Volpa

The premise of the show is following a motley crew who man and pilot The Last Airship. Desperate to show everyone that in a world of fast steam ships dominating the Atlantic, they attempt to compete with them. The episodes document their travels. According to Greg’s Indiegogo page, the bulk of the work is done. He has written the script and will edit and direct it himself to keep costs down. He will also play the role of Lupo, who with Volpa helps Captain Morstan pilot the airship to victory!*

*no guarantees


The investment amount is simply to upgrade the existing camera equipment. The camera Greg uses is great but doesn’t have the high quality recording capabilities that people like to see these days. With enough funds he will also be able to hire a studio with green screen to create some epic CGI images. If he goes beyond the investment target he intends to create actual real sets to shoot in. That would need to hit double the asking amount. But should they add an additional 50% to their target, they can invest in better sound technology.

With the success of The League of STEAM, there’s no reason why a British alternative can’t be a great success.

Take a look at the Indiegogo page and invest in this great webseries idea.

So far they’re just under 50% of the target and as of today they have only 18 days left! Every little helps. Being a champion of small businesses, Steampunk Journal will be adding to the pot before the end of the month.

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