Professor T Bottom’s Toffee Vodka review

Toffee Vodka by Professor T BottomProf T Bottom is a firm favourite at the steampunk events organised by David Smith. David organises events such as the Crewe Convivial and the Sandbach Steampunk Market that I recently attended. You may remember I picked up a small bottle of Toffee Vodka from the Prof and wanted to review it. It was actually the Prof that got David on the road to steampunk and neither of them have really looked back.

They help one another with the organisation of the events. The Prof deals with the bar in the evenings and has a stand selling his interesting wares. In this review, though, we’re concentrating on the Toffee Vodka.


Professor T Bottom’s Toffee Vodka comes in variable sizes. I’m reviewing the small 5cl bottle which I picked up for the fantastic price of £3.50 at Sandbach Steampunk Market. A 50cl bottle is available also. All bottles that come from the Professor have some kind of humorous element to them. All bear a legend; with Toffee Vodka sporting “Releases endorphins and slaps them around with alcohol”. The 50cl bottle also features the ingredients of both the caramel used for the flavouring and the vodka, but shows it in its molecular structure. The small bottle simply states “Contains ingredients!”

The Professor has a picture of himself on every bottle that he sells citing “I won’t sell anything that I won’t put my face on!” That’s stirring stuff and shows the amount of confidence the Prof has in his own talents.

Upon removing the screw cap the scent of the toffee hits you. It’s a very strong aroma that fills your nostrils immediately and lingers. It’s not unpleasant like some flavours can be when they’re so strong. The base vodka that the Prof uses is a closely guarded secret, though he did confirm to me that he tested the recipe with several different types of varying price. The liquid is a delightful golden colour which deepens in high volume making the larger bottles a rich golden colour to the smaller bottle’s paler gold.

The 27% strength vodka seems stronger than it is. It burned my tongue and throat as a good vodka should and as it went down I could feel the burning in my chest. Interestingly, and as it turns out this is a point of pride for the Prof, the aftertaste of vodka doesn’t overwhelm the initial hit of toffee. The toffee actually stays with you. I decided to get a second opinion from a friend who is more of an expert on Vodka than me. She didn’t feel the heat like I did, but she’s a seasoned spirit drinker, where I’m not. She adored the aroma and noted that this is a drink that you can enjoy on it’s own. The price also impressed her and I now have an order for two bottles when I next see the Prof.

Toffee Vodka review Conclusion

In my experience, “Home-Made” brews generally tend to be much stronger than the commercially bought alternatives. Because of my dainty palate, it renders it useless to me and I have to stick with boring lager. Professor Bottom’s Toffee Vodka is arguably the first spirit I’ve encountered where I believe I could drink this and not have much trouble. If you manage to see the Professor at an event, have a chat with him because he’s very passionate about what he does. He’s put a lot of effort into each one of his products and it certainly shows.

You can find out more about Professor T Bottom and his products by visiting his website here: Professor T Bottom website link

One thought on “Professor T Bottom’s Toffee Vodka review

  1. The Professor and I go back a way….in one of his alter egos he is a regular stall holder at my re-enactment markets, and has been a tower of strength providing Bars at my Medieval Festivals, Napoleonic Festivals, Dark Age Festivals. We collaborated on his Midlands History Festival, a multi-period extravaganza. At this he was dressed very Victorian Gentleman, and upon inquiry the subject of steampunk came up. It seemd he was peeved at being forbidden to trade at what back then was possibly the only steampunk event in the country, even though he was building a product base that would appeal to steampunks. We chatted on and off about the unfairness of this for several years, and then when I was invited to look at the possibility of staging an event in Crewe and on doing some research on Crewe’s history it became obvious that the best thing would be a Steampunk Festival to tie in with the proud history of making the finest steam locomotives. It was quite simply (despite the fun and games involved!) the most FUN festival I have ever staged, and so I set out to look for other places that might suit – Sandbach was actually unusual, in that I was asked to stage a steampunk event there by a visitor to Crewe! And yet, it turns out that Sandbach is Dieselpunk Central, and next year’s April Sandbach Steampunk Weeekend will be staged to co-incide with their Transport Festival that celebrates their heritage of building lorries – home to Foden and ERF. It’s a small world, but you would not want to have to wallpaper it. And as I always try and warn people, whatever you do, DON’T try the Toffee Vodka, it’s addictive.

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