Synopsis: Alistair Pennington’s Ab-natural Inconvenience by Tim & Kathy Hunt

What’s the Book About?

Alistair Pennington was an English gentleman who had rejected his father’s idea of “normal” and run off to the colonies to become an Ab-natural Ethologist; one who studies the ghosts of animals.

A situation arises in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and Queen Victoria, Herself, seeks our Alistair and sends him and the resourceful b’Nunchy O’Toole out on a moments notice to do combat with a werewolf/skinwalker. The two have no idea what they have been sent to do, but President Mason is desperate for their help.

Upon arriving in the small town of Salida, Colorado, they befriend a local Ute called Bunny Stump-jump. The three set out through the wilderness in search of The Great Bear.

The Great Bear or Dini’ as he was known, was a wise shaman of the Navajo tribe in the area. He was able to change at will into a giant grizzly bear to protect his family.

When Alistair enters his home, he is brought face to face with the bear and his own mortality, although, that may come at the hand of Sitsi’, the daughter of Dini’. She is not impressed with this “Warrior” from the outside.

No one has ever thought much of Alistair’s ability; least of all Alistair, but Dini’ sees something most cannot and he enlightens Alistair with the knowledge that he will soon find his worth and everyone else will see it as well.

The five of them set out on an adventure to put an end to the Skinwalker; an old medicine man who murdered his own daughter to become an eternal being. Being a man by day and a great wolf by night, for a thousand years, he has had a score to settle and the group stands in his way.

Alistair must uncover the past.

The past of both friend and foe in order to find a way to end the dread of the Skinwalker and release the tortured souls trapped in this unending cycle.

Alistair soon finds that he is not only capable of trust and friendship, but he is also a great leader and he has an ability to communicate with troubled souls.

Sitsi’, too, learns that Alistair is more than she could have imagined and that she is capable of feelings she never knew she would have.

Soon, the group finds that it can operate in a well conducted symphony of talent like the gears in a fantastically advanced machine.

Everything culminates into one moment with a Great White Buffalo, a massive grizzly, a huge black wolf, one shot of a quartricity rifle… one gleam of sunrise… and one chance to save everything.

Read the first chapter tomorrow!

By it now on Amazon: $0.99 on Kindle, $13.70 paperback

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