Steampunk Eddie Responds to our Steampunk’d Tell-All Article

After the Steampunk’d Tell All article was posted, I heard from Steampunk Eddie. I invited him to share his experience on the show, as well has his vision for Steampunk reality show.

Take it away, Eddie!

I refuse to jump into the drama pool. Truth is the entire time I was on the show I wrote a journal of the days events. We were sequestered because of the FCC rules. We had TV, was able to go outside with one of the wranglers if we chose. We did not have access to the internet or a phone so no one could cheat. I never missed a meal and the food was good. And I always had coffee! 
I just completed a book I wrote about the entire experience and my crazy life as a artist titled “This Crazy Mind” a tell all about the show. The good, bad and the ugly.
Anyway here’s my idea of a Steampunk show;
Contestants would compete as individuals. 5 artist will compete to build a Steampunk character using their own imagination.
Weaponry: To build a sci-fi means of defence
Armor: A Victorian style means of protection. It must be removable to show the outfit underneath
 A time piece: A clock or watch, time machine or even a sun dial.
A Steampunk outfit that works with the theme.
So on and so on.
The contestants would get three days (8 hrs. Per day) to complete the challenges
After the challenge the artist will be judged on a point system. But ultimately the final round would be judged by the people’s vote. So the winner will be the true winner. And no one gets eliminated. And there should be a 1st – 3rd winner.
I would love to judge a show like that. Furthermore it would cut out the drama and focus on the art.
Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.
Steampunk Eddie
And Thanks Eddie for sharing with us! I love the idea of starting with a character and building things around that rather than a room in a house.

Telling a Different Story

This is a very different account than what we’ve heard from others at the panel that day, and I don’t know about you, but my interest is even more piqued!  Time has a funny way of both crystalizing and distorting our personal truths. Anyone who was more stressed during filming will likely carry more of that stress with them afterwards. The energy in the room that day was sky high, which is fertile ground for exaggeration, or making jokes without knowing how they’ll be interpreted. As the last panel of this type for the weekend, who knows how many times they’d told some of these stories, and how the details could have…migrated in the mean time. I also noticed that the cast members who were at Steampunk Worlds Fair tended to be younger, but the people with more level accounts of the experience tend to be older. So could experience have been a contributing factor?
Without actually being there, it’s tough to tell. I am sure, like so many things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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