The Hearse Song by Mr. E’s Ghastly Murder – Review

The Hearse Song by Mr E's Ghastly Murder
Image designed by Bryan Talbot

When people say they wonder what happens when die, they’re generally alluding to the spirit or soul. They speculate what happens to us on an ethereal level. Nobody really covers what actually happens to our physical form. This mass of globby carbon that transports our spirit around the planet for decades before failing on us.

It seems that it’s up to Mr. E to explain it, and explain it he does in all it’s vile and nasty details. Called The Hearse Song (The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out), Mr. E creates a dark ambient vibe. Opening on a storm with a single bell toll and the sound of horses, the rolling drums and a low key piano crash in (piano played by Mishkin Fitzgerald from Bird Eats Baby). Mr. E’s slow, low gravelly voice explains in uncomfortable detail what happens to the human body as it decomposes after death. There are some points of dark humour that raised a little chuckle. Arguably due to the absurdity of the topic that the song is about. With lines such as “[the worms] will eat your eyes, they will eat your nose, they will eat the dirt between your toes.” The latter line ending on a climactic raise that drops into the middle section instrumental.

The melody is a lovely, haunting and macabre piece that wouldn’t look out of place on a well made dark gothic period drama. The use of Harpsichord along with electric guitar, piano and choir work well to create a scene of a dark Victorian night. Considering Mr. E provides the voice and also plays nearly every instrument in the song, it’s extremely well made. It doesn’t sound like just one person, but a well rehearsed band with years of practice. It’s a testament to the skill that Mr.E has that the song sounds so tight and well produced.

I look forward to the follow up songs and an eventual album. If the rest of the songs are as well made as this, then it will provide for a very entertaining record.

Go and follow Mr. E’s Ghastly Murder on their Facebook page by clicking on this link.

You can download the single from Amazon by following this link. It will be available from the 17th September 2017.

Mr. E is also part of The Filthy Spectacula and their album was reviewed on the Journal in November 2016.


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