Five Fists of Science by Matt Fraction and Steven Sanders

five-fists-of-science-01The Five Fists of Science comic book was one of the first Steampunk purchases I ever made. It is a tight little book that doesn’t waste any pages which is definitely a feat, but it did make things a little hard to follow the first time I read it. Upon my second reading, I really came to appreciate this book a lot more.

The first few pages of Matt Fraction’s book (artwork by Steven Sanders) are excerpts from essays by Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla, who are also the stars of the story. Reading these essays and the character biographies that follow are very important for getting the most out of this book. So, resist the temptation to skip them to get right to the meat of the tale because you will need them to better understand what follows.

The story begins during Twain’s financial “exile” (ie he is totally broke) when he is living in Austria. He goes back to New York to visit his brilliant but eccentric friend, Nikola Tesla, who has just had an incredible invention rejected by the US government. Twain convinces him that what he needs is a little salesmanship and flare to get the worlds’ leaders on board with a plan to bring about world peace through superior fire power. Little do they know that Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and J. P. Morgan are dabbling in the black arts, and have a totally different idea of how the world should look.


What I Thought of the Five Fists of Science

I would definitely recommend this book to Steampunk fans, especially those who are tired of reading about London all the time. Mark Twain, the original celebrity, and Nikola Tesla were incredibly interesting people, which makes for a very fun (if not totally accurate) narrative. I got my copy at a comic book shop a few years ago, but you can also find it on Amazon.

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